About Me

bmzx6094Hello there! I’m Grace. When I left my job last September 2016, I decided to take the wheel, follow my dreams, travel more and tell the world about it.


 So why Pinay Voyager? Here’s a little back story, initially I picked up Wander Woman as my screenname but it kinda sounds a bit off and was often associated with DC Comic’s Wonderwoman so when I started off this blog, I thought of rebranding.

1. PINAY (Pi-nay) /’pi.nī/
noun. A woman of Filipino origin or descent; a slang for Filipina.
As described Filipina women are naturally friendly, genuine, open-minded and flexible, strong, motivated and of course, beautiful, that’s why Filipinas always stood out in international prestigious pageant. I just find myself a suitable representation of one.

2. VOYAGER /voi-uh-jer/
noun. a traveler to a distant land.
Basically someone who goes for a long trip especially by the sea but like the series of U.S. probes, Voyager is more than just traveling but it’s on a mission to explore and discover a new place/destination for information.

Pinay Voyager therefore just defines the traveler [me] and her purpose.


I’m a fun-inclined, thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie driven by passion to explore, discover and experience incredible things through traveling and education. I grew up in a small yet progressive City of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. I’m a nurse by profession and completed a Master degree in Nursing major in Medical-Surgical Nursing but under my coat is a girl with an adventurous soul who never stops seeking what life has to offer.


I have a diamond-shaped mole in my right foot that back on my childhood, someone predicted me that I would travel the world one day. Back then, I never thought it was possible. I was a hermit, the kind of home and school lifestyle. Well perhaps a few nightlife as I grew up back in college until my Dad, Tim, started bringing me to different places for vacation, colleagues tagging me along on mountain hikes on weekends and a personal discovery to a whole new world deep down the sea made me realize that “Hey! The world is too big and life is too short to confine myself in a nutshell, I might as well waste a lifetime to see the world, it never gets wasted.” And so I lived my dreams, thus, my travel addiction was born.


Just as how I fell in love with traveling, so as with writing. Back in high school, my first love was literature; fell for the works of the great William Shakespeare and it paved way to my writing skills. Thinking back, I even wrote my own book filled with original Sonnet composition but sadly I never got the chance to publish it.
Now I’m just writing. I remember, Mr. Pete Gamba, my Asian History professor who always amazed me by how he discussed places in Southeast Asia that I would often caught myself day-dreaming about it and I said to myself “One day, I’m gonna travel into these places and I’m gonna write about…” guess it’s a dream come true.


I don’t know who you are or where you have been but when you got into my page, I knew we both have one thing in mind “Travel”. It might just be a curiosity, a dream, or a simple search for information that brought you here.

Perhaps you’re just a girl, a dreamer that was once like me who only aspires to travel one day and needs some kicks for a jumpstart, a random nomad seeking for a new place to discover, a thrill-seeker looking for your next adventure to pump the adrenalines in your veins or simple a jetsetter searching for information or advice on your next travel destination. I just want to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. You’re definitely one reason that I’m keeping this up and continually looking for ways to improve it.

I just hope that in one way or another, I am able to motivate and inspire you to travel. Never be afraid to dream and take risk – sometimes it leads you to the best adventure you could’ve never imagined. Life is limitless; the one thing that could set your limits is your mindset. Work Schedules and Money shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world; you just have to make way to make things possible and lastly, prepare yourself to set for an adventure and Viola! Pack your bag and you’re good to. Good luck!